A boy in a coma was taken to a strange land named Izu. They held him there for a long time, and he had wonderful adventures, but then they sent him back with a mission.


Short description :

This is one of the holy scriptures of the Vuh, the first big part of the Amazon Bible, the Second Bible. It is a meta-religious, poetic, prosaic and cryptographic text as an allegory.


Part I [Udiapsa]


Part II

I - Puchalini - 

Boys from Lynx II - The Land Beyond Cockaigne

1. enchanted bananas /2. tight embrace /3. where love ends - golden pirate ship /4. snares of stereo

II - Tupuchette - 

Poetry from the Latin Buffoon Puppet II

1. queen of hearts - liberation /2. picnic papers - so far /3. July's End - checked snake spoons - watch him closely - golden zebra

III - Tuvunius

1. High Materos /2. The Ganner Clown

IV - Fluvulua - 

Poetry from the Latin Buffoon Puppet III - When the Purple Becomes Green

1. truth called belcanov - ballerinas dancing /2. Kerses minds /3. Sonder Sun/ 4. chessboard's shoeshops

V - Pirfumata - 

Boys from Lynx III

1. waving flags - Dwarve's Rain /2. black coffin - billiards day - curse of business /3. Antartica /4. vanilla days /5. graves of matadok - Eric Zwarzenei /6. ladybugs /7. bananas chessboard

VI - Kazuponia -

Boys from  Lynx IV - Creatures from Paradox

1. Prince of Comics  /2.banana hearts /3. the journey - Dangerous Tiles - Truants /4. golden picnic /5. Eminius Day /6. nightmares of truth