Short introduction :

If you want to know the constructions of heaven and paradise,
It's poetic, psychedelic, fairytalish and built on riddles ...
A high price is paid for it ...
But it is worth it, and I am not saying this is everything,
As it's only a glimpse, and it will definitely glide through your fingers,
As they want you to follow it ... It's about going deeper and deeper ...
So I'm sorry, I'm not going to give you a piece of heaven,
As you have to become heaven yourself,
But it's a glimpse from the mirror of paradise,
Urging to go through it yourself, and see it for yourself ...
Everyone bears their own crosses in life ...
Heaven will be somewhere where our crosses cross ...
That is also the message of the books ...
These books are in the context of the Eternal Gospel ... from which these books come ...
And the Eternal Gospel is a part of the much bigger "Vuh",
The first major part of the Second Bible ...


Foreword :

This book is based on the stories and adventures of a boy who got into a
coma, and entered heaven, which was not what he had expected. The
poetic fairytales hold riddles, keys to the worlds beyond, the other realms
invisible to the eye, but visible to those who dare to dream. Sometimes it
touches the borders of psychedelic absurdism, as a photograph from the
world beyond fairytale. If you get a glimpse of it, hold on tight to it, as it
will fade after the flash.

The scenes are always moving. It never stops. There is no guarantee that
you will stay in your seats, as the trip might pull you out, so that you will
be able to get in direct touch with the beauty beyond the ships. Ocean
touching and sky surfing is not a rarity in these sorts of books. It’s also
gone before you know. The boy got out of the coma and it was like it was
all slipping through his fingers, as maybe there was even a world beyond
the world beyond fairytale ?