These stories are powerful medicins I got on my shamanic trip through the underworld during my life. It is a sort of medicin wheel of heavy metaphorical and cryptical, mirroring dreams and visions as portals to the other worlds. It is the raw manuscript, so it hasn't been edited. It has been written down how it came through.


We have a gigantic arsenal of texts, and we simply do not have the time to edit everything at once, besides the fact that we do not want any energy to get lost in the editing process. Time is short, so here it is anyway.




1. Have Some Tea

2. The Savages of Beli

3. Skinhunters of the Laperid

4. Featherfarm

5. Bird Princess

6. The Swamp I-II

7. Savage Tragedy

8. The Zombie's Curse

9. Fatal Omens

10. The Eternal Journey - A journey through hell

11. Heather

12. The Fire No One Could Quench

13. Blind Money

14. So Much To Share

15. Disconnected

16. Vuda's Death

17. The Keys of Hell

18. Fly Like Eagles

19. The Secret of Hell

20. The Leprechaun Curse

21. Wars of the Flies

22. Bison Oil

23. Bodies on Coins

24. The Smile of Suffering

25. Flyman

26. Back to Lakshor

27. Laws of the Fly

28. Prisoners of the Fly

29. The Organic Bomb I-II

30. Bloodbather I-II

31. The Troll Saviour - The Harper's Tale

32. The Eyes of Death

33. The Stone

34. The Fourth Death - Green Slime

35. Inua I-II

36. Different Games

37. Chrystal Spider

38. The Fishfighter

39. Angel of Wrath

40. Heaven

41. The Stalker

42. Police World

43. The Doctor

44. The Dentist

45. Grand Buffalo Salloon

46. Shadows on Perwilsh Mountain

47. Black Horses Across Dorrek River

48. Cannibals of the Vichemachas

49. The Tube

50. When The Woman Speaks

51. The Woman and the Hidden Tribe

52. The Children's Empire

53. S.O.S.

54. The Red Beyond the Ship

55. The Ravine

56. Neverending Nightmare

57. Kiss of Death

58. Ghost Ship

59. Sun of Death

60. Horses of Shame

61. The Chalice of Pehnen

62. Red Spider

63. Return of the Red Spider


Tze-ra – Indian Fiction


64. The Pink Prince

65. Diamonds Never Talk

66. Jewelry of the Flowerflies

67. Flowerflies’ Rythms

68. Morewinged


Sevenlegs – Indian Fiction


69. The Garden of Hell

70. The Godflies

71. The Hunter's House

72. The Evergrowing Hunger


Awela – Jungle Fiction


73. Awela the Savage

74. Awela the Apeman

75. Awela the Hunter



Elsar the Flyman - Indian Fiction


76. The Encounter

77. King of Evil