Moving Mosaics



Life only gives fragments,

You can search for these fragments,

Gathering them, being grateful with any piece,

Even if it's very small, because these small pieces are important to make the details,

They can even become the key for life


Life doesn't give the full package,

Life doesn't shower you in neverending happiness and luck,

It would paralyze you, and make you very shallow,

It would blind you to the point that you would not be able to reach into the depths of others


Life only gives fragments,

To make of you a Healer,

You can gather your pieces and build,

Building the bridge and it will multiply,

Every piece you decide to use


Everything has been built up by small pieces,

It just doesn't look that way, because the brains are often too foggy,

But look at your fingers, and know they are all small parts of the body,

Working together, all having their function,

And they are also built up from smaller pieces


Life is a mosaic,

It could only be built because of the broken glass,

That's why sometimes in life the windows have to break,

So that the higher art is formed and seen


The true light is broken, while false light is too bright and blinding,

The true light is formed in the darkness, comes from the water,

As the waterlights, like broken waves, showing the detailed depth of everything,

The true light is insight and survey, very far reaching view,

Like a bird it flies so high, like a fish it dives so deep


It is warm, because it knows the cold and the heat