The Gospel of Lemul




The Angel Serom


1. Break free from your youth, oh youth, and come to the work-room of the magpie, and to his bedroom. Leave the throne-rooms of the ancient, and come to know what it is all about. 2. I have sent the angel Serom to you, to guide you on the lions’ path. I have sent her in much sweetness, for the days were bitter. 3. I have given you a weaver.


Victory over the Buffalo


4. I have directed my finger at you, and have led you to high places. 5. I have given you a help, in Serom. 6. I have climbed on the buffalo to bite it’s neck and bring it down with my claws. It was the pride of the church, but it is no more. 7. An arsenal is now standing before you.


About Leadership


8. I have brought the pig to the oven. These men, they do not ride horses, but they ride on weapons of iron. I have given them steam. 9. Oh youth, wake up to the reality. I have divided the angels by feathers, I have guarded them behind bones, and see, they are all of the magpie. 10. Oh youth, wake up to the reality. I have bought you out of the dark age. I did this by my blood. 11. I have bought you out of a woman’s heart and a woman’s word. I have taken the sting out of you. 12. No man is a leader but the one who knows that there’s no difference between the leader and the servant. You are all leaders. 13. And follow the magpie for correction. I have raised the staff high and measured it. 14. I have given words by voices. 15. No leader is awake nor sleeping. They are all floating.


The Number of the Lion


15. The golden lionpath, where the rope is hanging, and finally the mask. It is all what you need. These are the objects to set you free, and they contain the holy sacraments. The pouring of the tea, which was the sinking through matter, as it didn’t exist, it was only in the view. 16. We praise the Ot inside, the wheel of view change, where we reached the skull. There is no brains. It is all life in the bones, the bones of the magpie, which have been broken, a seventy times, and then a thousand times, and then again a seventy times, for this is a sacred number. 17. It is the number of the lion. And it has reached the mask and it has flown away, yes, like an eagle it flew, and the rope was it’s ladder. And we have poured out the tea as it’s number, and we have reached the golden lionroad again. 18. We could move by the wheel of multi-view, and we could do miracles, and we have reached you. 19. Yes, oh youth, we have reached you in the subconsciousness, and bought you out. We came from the superconsciousness and the Light of Grace. 20. We brought you to the house of the magpie and showed you the weaver.


The Almighty Bridge


21. We have drunk tea together, as in a miracle, and we have shown you the almighty bridge between the subconsciousness and the superconsciousness. We have shown you the road.




The View of Love


1. We brought you the Light of Grace. We have seen it. We have poured out the tea, and brought you to the hall of skulls. But we covered these bones by light. We guarded you, by the bones of the magpie, knowing that without his blood, you wouldn’t survive. There is life in the blood of the magpie, eternal life, and eternal protection against the dark age. 2. And we have brought you this gospel so that you might understand. 3. The View of Love is what we brought to you, and we have led you through a cryptic world of keys. We have given you a good machine on the inside, in your inner life. 4. The View of Love is what we brought to give you supply, but it was all in yourself. There is no saviour. You did it yourself. 5. The degrees of Grace have washed the view-errors away. 6. You know yourself, the deeper you come, you find out that we are all the same. It’s just the surface making differences and one day it will break.


The Right Practice


7. There is a gospel of change, the gospel of Lemul, focussing on right metaphors, to get us through. We will all go and come together as One, and view-errors will fade away. So much wasn’t real after all. So there is a battle, a battle for the One. 8. This is the Age of the Magpie. Many will come to watch the secret. Others will fade away. There is no Personality, only Principle, and these are the Principles of Peace. 9. The Foundations of Life are the Foundations of Truth, and they lead to inner Peace. This is Infinite. By the Keys of Being, there aren’t gifts anymore, only senses, and the voices of view, the voices of the magpie. 8. The gospel of lemul is finally the answer from the Superconsciousness, by the Infinite Practice, and by the Light of Practice, which is all Right Practice.