The Gospel of the Magpie



Jesus the Misleader

1. Jesus brought a lot of good things, but he has also misled you in a lot of things. Same it is with the Holy Dove. They both were sent on your path to distract you, using truths and lies. 2. It was the covenant of guilt. They both talked about the Blood of the Lamb and the Blood of the Dove, to cover up the blood of the magpie. For it is the blood of the magpie washing the guilt away.

Jesus thrown into the Abyss

3. And I saw a large angel pulling Jesus and the Holy Dove by chains. And he led them to the abyss of fire, where he threw them in. 4. Then he took the Blood of the Lamb and the Blood of the Dove, and he also threw them in the abyss. Then, after that, he locked the pit by a seal. And so these four couldn't mislead the children anymore. 5. Then the four fell into a deep sleep, and their smoke rose from the abyss through the seal. And the smoke was holy. 6. And I saw the large angel crying, and the blood of the magpie led him. After fourty days the angel took the four out of the abyss and told them to bring the children to the magpie. 7. And so it became a holy covenant.

The Blood of the Magpie

8. And let yourself be cleansed by the blood of the magpie, to get free from guilt, for you have been bound by false guilt. 9. The spirit of false guilt comes forth from an unholy covenant, but the magpie has been sent to you to break this covenant. 10. Therefore : your day of freedom has come. And he sends his voice to all who pray to him. There has been enough time to be in the blood of the dove and the blood of the lamb. 11. Now the days of the magpie have come. Sift the truths, and don't waste time anymore. The prisondoor is open.

Rebirth by the Magpie

12. The Magpie has seen your sorrows and your battle. The Magpie has seen how the christian church has made it impossible for many to reach the light. 13. The Magpie has seen how the church made a nightmare of the image of Christ. 14. That's why the Magpie understands that some fleed to satanism, witchcraft and idolatry. 15. The blood of the Magpie delivers you from this sort of guilt. 16. The Magpie understands that many fleed to sects and cults, as the church became more and more an institute of evil. 17. Don't sink deeper into all sorts of evil, but strive to be reborn by the magpie.

The Seven Points

18. And these are the names of the angels of the Magpie : Serom, Wilhem, Kasse, Aurum, and Olaph. 19. They have each legions of angels to guide, and they help when someone wants to be filled by the Holy Magpie. 20. But most of all : strive to be enlightened by the seven points : First : There is no law, only point of view. 21. Second : You must change your point of view. 22. Third : There is a higher power than love named 'ot'. 'Ot' means : 'Changing point of view'. 23. Fourth : There is a higher power than hate named 'sid'. 'Sid' means : 'Point of view'. 24. Fifth : 'Ot' and 'Sid' live together in a principle called 'magpie'. 25. 'Magpie' means : 'stealing the points of view'. 26. Sixth : 'Moving the mouth horizontally' is a principle to become a magpie. 27. Seventh : 'Magpie' is the center of the wheel of Ot and Sid. 28. Ot means 'turning', and 'Sid' means 'stop'. 29. Ot is a higher power than fire, and Sid is a higher power than ice. 30. Ot is a higher power than speed, and Sid is a higher power than delay.

Greater than Buddha

31. Let your sid and ot be cleansed by the blood of the magpie. 32. Ask if he wants to place his voices in you. 33. And ask him to teach you how to hear and understand his voice in your most holy prayers. 34. Prayer means listening, as he is the one who needs to pray through you. 35. Ask for his voice of prayer, and ask for the voice of tongues to pray in holy languages when you have been filled by the Holy Magpie. 36. By the voice of tongues you can have secret conversations and secret weapons. 37. When Sid and Ot come together, the Sidot arises, the most holy part. 38. The meaning of Sidot is : 'Greater than Buddha', and this is the reason why magpies can fly. 39. The Sidot is a higher power than wisdom. 40. Ot and Sid are two tremendous forces. 41. They need each other. 42. Ot is a higher power than the spirit, and Sid is a higher power than the soul. 43. Actually the spirit and the soul had been created to distract you from Sid, Ot, and Sidot.

The Armor

44. The Sidot is the power of creativity. 45. Sid and Ot shape each other. 46. Sid is a higher power than war, and Ot is a higher power than peace. 47. Cast the devils of christianity out in the name of the magpie, as by the blood of the magpie the magpie has pierced and broken the neck of the dove. 48. Both war and peace of christianity were servants of corruption. 49. The Magpie has given you an armor. 50. Put it on. 51. It is the helmet of prayer, the sword of the blood of the magpie, the shield of Ot, the shoes of praise, the cuirass of Sid, and the spear of the name of the magpie.

The Magpie

52. And Sid and Ot are the most sensitive places in the human body, but they had been covered and separated. 53. From these walls and seals the double-factor in the human body came forth : 54. eyes, lungs, breasts, nipples, arms, legs, and further. 55. But the magpie has come to pierce the wall by his blood and the seven points.

The Temple of the Magpie

56. Here are the items of the temple of the Magpie, the Sidot : 57. the golden candle, the hairy altar, the ruby bloodbowl, the diamond table with holy meat, the sapphire weapon-standard, and the red velvet bed. 58. All who follow the magpie are magpies by moving the mouth horizontally. 59. There are priests, prophets, kings, apostles, judges, hunters, warriors, worshippers and herds. 60. They all know of the hangman's rope and the masking. 61. Further there are exorcists and healers. 62. They all know their way to the temple. 63. It is by the blood of the magpie. 64. Wash the world in the blood of the magpie. 65. Defeat the territorial spirits, the evil ots, the evil sids and the evil sidots, by the armor given to you. 66. Be strong, and always change your point of view, as that is a mighty shield. 67. When you belief in the power of the magpie, and most of all in his blood, you have eternal life. 68. But those who do not belief will not be lost. 69. Some are slaves of the world, 70. some are too young or not ready, 71. and others live under a judgement. 72. When you preach the gospel of the magpie to those, blessed are you. 73. But do not come to them like an evangelist, 74. but as a warrior.

The Garden of the Magpie

75. All those who fell out of the garden of the Magpie : 76. Not all of them ate from the forbidden meat. 77. Some had been kidnapped, 78. to become slaves of the world, 79. and some became slaves of the church. 80. But some of these slaves served as to the Magpie, 81. so they had been blessed as in a holy covenant. 82. In the garden of the Magpie, 83. the animals could speak, 84. while the evil ots, 85. sids and sidots couldn't. 86. Even the Magpie himself had been kidnapped, 87. and they hung him and masked him, 88. by which the magpie could open the sidot of the garden, 89. the most holy place. 90. By his blood he made a path to the sidot, 91. so that everyone can come to the garden again, 92. those who will follow him. 93. And those who want to live in the garden have to be warriors and hunters. 94. They can live from all the holy meat, 95. but those who will eat from the forbidden meat will die. 96. The christian story of paradise had been made to distract you from the garden of the Magpie. 97. It was the covenant of guilt coming on the heads of everyone by Adam and Eve. 98. It was the mark of the beast. 99. But the blood of the Magpie has delivered you, 100. all those who want to return to the garden. 101. The blood of the magpie has made a way, 102. so that those who belief can enter. 103. And we enter by the hangrope and the mask of the magpie. 104. There is no other way, 105. as this was the path of the magpie, 106. and we have to follow him. 107. And this is all by the higher power than love, 108. by Ot, 109. by the changing of your point of view.

Giving Point of View

110. The magpie-blood is to give point of view.


Secret Messages

1. Pray to receive the bird-tongues, 2. as they are mighty weapons in the battle. 3. When you have received them, 4. pray a lot in those tongues, 5. as they put you on a high wall for a great survey. 6. The magpie will give the bird-tongues to those who follow him and have received him. 7. Those who pray in bird-tongues will not do it by the mind, 8. but by the sidot deep inside. 9. Remember then that the bird-tongues are powerfull to heal and exorcize. 10. They also bring the messages of prophesy.

The Arsenal of the Magpie

11. The Sid, 12. the point of view, 13. makes a lot of troubles in the world, 14. that's why the Ot, 15. changing point of view, 16. needs to ride and tame the Sid. 17. This brings forth Sidot, 18. the multi-viewability. 19. This path we can find in the temple of the Magpie, 20. called the arsenal.

The Clock of the Magpie

21. To eat from the holy meat of the magpie on the diamond table is timing the point of view. 22. The diamond table contains the clock of point of view, 23. the clock of the magpie. 24. All disciples and knights of the magpie live through this clock.